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    • The Village at Grand Traverse Commons

      The Village at Grand Traverse Commons is home to unique shops and eateries, residential condos, professional services, and is host to a variety of festivals, concerts, farmers and artist markets. Read More

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Have a project that you would like us to feature on our site? Just upload your photos and video. Be sure to tell us the name of the project and community, and send us a description of the project. We'll do the rest.

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Have an idea for your community’s next placemaking project? Tell us your name, the community you wish to improve, and your idea, and we’ll post it to the site. Remember, the more details you can give, the better your chances at making your ideas happen.

Stories Yet To Be Written

    • Acme Township Placemaking Project

      Acme Township is bringing together a broad range of stakeholders from within the township and across the region to create a common vision for how the full range of land uses in the Shoreline District can be designed or redesigned so that they work together well and create a place that attracts people while protecting the environment and other community values. Read More