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Acme Township is bringing together a broad range of stakeholders from within the township and across the region to create a common vision for how the full range of land uses in the Shoreline District can be designed or redesigned so that they work together well and create a place that attracts people while protecting the environment and other community values. A vision will be developed along with recommendations for immediate actions that can be taken to begin turning the vision into reality.

Acme Township has hired John Iacoangeli from Beckett & Raeder, a multi-disciplined landscaping, planning and engineering firm, to facilitate the process. John has worked with the township on a variety of planning projects and issues for approximately a decade.

A Leadership Committee appointed by the Board of Trustees will assist John in identifying the stakeholders who need to be included in the process, inviting them to participate in the process, and generally facilitating the meetings that the process will involve and being community “ambassadors.”

Citizens and representatives of a broad range of area programs, services and agencies will participate though meetings, blogs, surveys and other avenues and tell the township what they want this place to look like, be, and provide.

As the process begins to yield public input, a Technical Committee will be appointed to provide advice on how the emerging community vision can be successfully designed and accomplished within the context of the “real world” engineering and policy requirements of various agencies and services.

A draft design/plan will be developed and the community will provide feedback on how well it represents the vision they have expressed and any changes that should be made. Then, the plan will be finalized. The tools needed to accomplish the plan will be identified and/or developed, an implementation timeline and budget will be planned, and implementation and attracting funding will occur. More information can be found at the project website at: